Rolls Incorporated P.O. Box 455 1875. Nora Morgan Leighton, AL 35646


Covering North America Since 1968 

Rolls Incorporated now has two facilities, located just minutes apart, to better serve you our customers. Our main facility, located in Leighton, AL, exceeds 30,000 square feet and includes a complete lab for testing and devloping rubber compounds ... custom mixing facility ...machine shop for core fabrication and roll repair ...automatic and over head builders... and some of the best wet grinders available. With over 25 employees involved in all phases of roll building, including design, core construction, rubber applications, grinding, polishing to high surface finishes and special treatments that include all types of grooving patterns, various surface finishes and parabolic crowns.

These skilled craftspeople are only limited by the liffting capabilities of our 10 ton cranes and equipment that will accept rolls up to 42" in diameter and up to 500" in length. Our second facility in Sheffield,AL is known has our Specialty Division. This plant's 20,000 square feet not only contains our urethane casting department and small rubber part molding department, but also gives us addtional square footage to assit our customers in many diffrent ways . The Specialty Division has been used in the past for anything from spare roller storage to refurbishing small equipment.

Main Facility & Corporate Office
1875 Nora Morgan St
Leighton, AL 35646